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A Reason to Live (A Marty Singer Mystery) by Matthew Iden

My Rating                    5 / 5

Format                         Kindle


Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review


A Reason to Live is the brilliant debut novel by Matthew Iden. It follows retired DC cop Marty Singer as he battles his cancer diagnoses and a past case that has haunted him throughout his career.


The story combines corrupt police, old friendships and good old detective work and begins when Singer is approached by the daughter of a woman murdered some 12 years earlier.


I’ll admit that I found the first couple of chapters a little slow going, but this story soon kicked into gear and I found myself riveted and I tried to work out the connections and who was after Amanda.


The detective work is interspersed with other information too, including a short romance, the wonderful cat Pierre and Singer’s cancer treatments, all bringing a human element to the detective character. All too often Detectives in such novels can seem one dimensional with no life other than that derived from their casework. Iden does a fantastic job of bringing warmth to his main character, and you really are supporting him as he unravels the case.


The book ends well, tieing up all loose ends and providing a clear explanation for what happened 12 years earlier, what happened in the intervening period and how it lead to the present day; I genuinely felt satisfied by the ending, again in these types of novels it is easy to feel short changed. Iden doesn’t rush his story and doesn’t leave any details to the imagination.


A solid 5 /5 from me, and I look forward to reading more about Marty Singer in the future.



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Bold Counsel – Tim Vicary

My Rating        4.5 / 5

Format             Kindle


Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review


This is the third book in the Sarah Newby Trials, a series which follows lawyer Sarah Newby as she takes on a number of high profile cases in the British city of York.


Bold Counsel is slightly different to the first book, A Game of Proof. The book is less focussed on the court cases Sarah sees herself a part of, and more on her private life and a series of chance meetings which bring the story full circle.


Sarah finds herself at the Court of Appeal seeking to quash the verdict of a man who has served 18 years for a murder he has consistently denied. This is set against the backdrop of her personal life falling apart, her daughter is at University and her husband has left her.


Sarah wins her court of appeal case, and her life takes some unexpected twists as she opens herself up to a new life with a new man. This personal story is interspersed with the story of a young man who commits a number of offences against women and the complicated mood swings and connections of Sarah’s new man.


The book kept me guessing to the end about who had committed the various murders, which is no mean feat, I’m usually pretty good at working out a good murder mystery, however Vicary brings the story full circle and ties it all together neatly, leaving me guessing until the last page.


There is much more scope to develop the stories with Sarah Newby, her son Simon and the police officer Terry Bateson, and I hope to see more of the Sarah Newby Trials in the future.


This is another superb and accomplished British thriller by Tim Vicary, and is sure to be enjoyed by many a reader.

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27 and counting….

Nope, this isn’t a reference to my increasing waistline as I move towards my baby’s due date, but more the number of indie books in my queue.
I am, finally, making some in roads into that backlog, and can only offer my sincere apologies to the wonderful authors who are waiting on me to read their books. If you follow my blog or follow me on twitter, you’ll know that my time since March has been taken up with growing a baby (which is more tiring than I could ever have imagined) and sorting out my house renovations, prior to the new arrival.


Anyhow, my aim is to get this queue cleared by the end of September. Dependent upon how I feel at that point I will take on some more reviews, ahead of my mid-November due date.

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