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R. S. Vern – two ebook reviews

The following two books have been read and reviewed on behalf of the Kindle Book Review


Haee The cat with a crooked tail (Haee and the other middlings)

This is an interesting book, focusing on the ideas of need versus want, what is self-fulfillment and exploring our motivations.

Its a short read, interspersed with beautiful images of Haee and the other characters.

I’m not sure that I really ‘got’ this book on the first read, and I suspect it is one of those books that you can turn to again and again and find different things, dependent upon your mood.

it is thought provoking as we see the human characters stuck in a life they think they should lead, rather than perhaps the one they want to lead. I suspect that a young adolescent would take the most from this book as they sit at a crossroad in life, making choices that will impact their future.

All in all an intriguing, well designed ebook. It is well edited and a well thought out and put together package.

The second book… The Unconventional Life of Haee (Haee and the other middlings)
Another wonderfully illustrated book from R.S. Vern, again following the life of Haee, the middling cat….

This book again observes those that are not quite pursuing a ‘normal’ life but also looks at the consequences of everyone being a middling… it doesn’t quite work, everyone (and thing) has a place in the world, and they contribute, each in their own way, no matter how trivial that contribution may be!

The images in the book are again wonderful, and really capture the idea of Haee and his other friends.

Certainly a quick and easy read that will provoke different ideas each time you pause to read it.

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The Love of My Life – Louise Douglas

My Rating     4 / 5

Format           Kindle


This is a rather long book by Louise Douglas, and follows Olivia who had been widowed following her husband being involved in a car accident.

Olivia isn’t welcomed by her husband’s family. Her mother and sister in law really dislike her and she is excluded from decisions about her late husbands burial and memorial.


Louise Douglas has a lovely writing style, it flows well and is easy to read. Her writing is evocative and you can feel Olivia’s grief following the death of Luca. There were sections of the  book that seemed to drag and were slightly repetitive but the story is easy to follow and develops well.
The second half alternates between the present day and Olivia’s teenage years when she meets Luca, and it becomes clear why she is disliked so much by Angela and Nathalie. The ending was a little disappointing, however, as the nod of acceptance seemed superficial and false. By the end of the book any sympathies I felt for Olivia had vanished as it was clear she was knowingly hurting Nathalie further.


I’ve enjoyed this book and as proof have downloaded the second book by Louise Douglas, which I look forward to starting soon.

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My Dead Friend, Sarah – Peter Roth

My Rating     4 / 5

Format          Kindle


This is, for me, best described as a quirky read. It’s very different to other books out there and the ending could be considered a little ambiguous.


The story follows Max, a recovering alcoholic who dreams about the abduction and death of a girl. He sees the girl and becomes obsessed with her, and she with him. She goes missing and he is implicated in her suspected murder (as he told the police about his dream).


The story is in three parts, the first part follows both Max and Sarah as their relationship develops, then moves onto the police investigation and then finally onto what actually happened to Sarah.


The book is written by a recovering alcoholic and you can tell by the level of detail Roth brings to Max. His understanding of the mind of an alcoholic is key to making this an intriguing story. My only complaint about the book is that, despite the first part being written from the viewpoints of Sarah and Max, the voice of both characters isn’t sufficiently distinct. This made it at times difficult to differentiate between them both. So much so that I was beginning to question if Sarah and Max were one and the same person!


But, all in all, a quirky and interesting read. Well worth a try and an intriguing new author to look out for



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