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A Detailed Man – David Swinson

READ              15 – 16 January 2012

MY RATING      4 / 5

FORMAT     Kindle

This review is for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review (KBR).

So, this was the first book I was asked to review as part of the KBR and I wasn’t disappointed!

The story is told from the point of view of Ezra Simeon, a seasoned Washington DC investigator. Simeon is sent to the Violent Crimes Unit (homicide) and it is here he picks up the case of an escort girls murder. Essentially the story follows Simeon as he makes links between this and ‘cold’ cases he has seen. The book cleverly explores the relationships between officers and civilians and we see the inner workings of an investigators mind as Simeon works to get to the bottom of the murder.

For a first novel I was really impressed with the writing style; it’s easy to read and is more akin to that of a seasoned writer. As a Brit reading this book, I enjoyed getting a taste of America and life as a US cop. It’s clear that Swinson has a background in this work and his attention to detail and clear explanations is testament to this.

The book isn’t a fast paced thriller, and things don’t happen just for the sake of it. It’s almost set at a day by day pace which works. I felt tired for Simeon as he describes his shift patterns and sleep patterns (or lack of it).

Despite being about a murder (and gruesome treatment of the body), there isn’t the usual gratuitous gore that you might expect. Injuries and case notes are presented in a clinical manner; much as I expect you’d find in a real life crime situation. What you do find is a really considered, well written and well paced book, with all lose ends tied up.

All in all, I found this to be a dark but detailed look at life as a Washington DC Detective and I hope we see more of Ezra Simeon; I feel there is much that could be uncovered with this character, including relationships with colleagues set before this book, and of course how his relationship with Clem develops, if it does.

This book can be downloaded from the US Amazon store here or the UK Amazon store here.

More information about David Swinson can be found on his website, or follow him on twitter @Casejackets

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