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Rabbit and Elephant’s Tug of War (African Folk Tales for Children) – Karen Perkins & Peter Mutanda

Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book review


I read this book on the Kindle for ipad app, and so I cannot comment on how this appears on older (black and white) kindle models.


The story itself reminded me of the books I read as a child that had a strong moral to them. This is a nice story to read with your child and prompt further discussion about the themes it explores.


It is reasonably well written but I was really disapointed with the overall finish of the book. The images looked like generic clip art images, rather than an illustration created for the book, and there were some graphics that I just didn’t understand how they fit. I think that had the publishers spent a little more time on polishing the final product they would have a much stronger book.


My experience is that many children are drawn to books by their artwork and I, sadly, can’t see this book engaging children on that level. Books aimed at children of this age work much better if they are bright and colourful and allow the children to recognise where the story if up to from the illustrations. I’m afraid that for me, the generic rabbit and elephant images just don’t do it for me.


A potential gem let down by a lacklustre finish.


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221B The Inventors Game (221B A Sheridan Hope Case) – Demetrius Sherman

Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review

My rating 3 / 5


This is a short story, based on the famous Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson characters. Sherman begins the book by explaining this, and how he has interpreted the famous detective.

I’m not sure it works as a short story… an awful lot is packed in, and I think it would have benefitted from a longer story, with more exploration, allowing the reader to piece together the mystery as they read along.


The writing style is easy to read, although there are some slight typing and spelling errors which caused me to go back and re-read a few lines but it’s a quick, easy read, although I fear fans of Sherlock Holmes will be a little disappointed.


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Thursdays in the Park – Hilary Boyd

My Rating        3 / 5

Format             Kindle


I read this book whilst in hospital prior to the birth of my son. I’d downloaded it one afternoon for the bargain price of 20p whilst loading up my Kindle.


I was actually really disappointed with this book. It’s predictable, repetitive and the characters are unlikeable.


On the surface, this should have been a good read, but I found the story to be unrealistic and far too long. The scenarios were repetitive at times and bordered on tedious.


Unusually, I found it difficult to like any of the characters. Jeannie (as the main character) seems lacking in depth; I can’t understand why she stays with George who is clearly controlling of her. George’s revelation seems odd; surely after so many years of marriage he’d have told Jeannie this earlier?


The only likeble character was Jeannie’s friend, Rita. She is a much different character to the others, and is far more real and I warmed to her much more.


Thursday’s in the Park passed a few hours of time whilst stuck in hospital, but I can’t say I’ll be adding Hilary Boyd to my list of authors to look out for.

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