Between a Mother and Her Child – Elizabeth Noble

I’m a fan of Elizabeth Noble’s work, and have read a couple of her books before. Her writing style may not be to everybody’s taste, but for me, the story she writes about ticks along nicely and you find yourself wrapped up in the characters.

This story follows a family who have split following the death of their eldest son. Each family member has dealt with their grief in their own way (or not dealt with it) and each is moving on in their own way.

Bill & Maggie, the parents have split following the death and different manner in which they dealt with their grief. Ally, their daughter is confused and troubled and the youngest son almost became a project to sort for Maggie.

This book is a good lesson in how events can change people. Maggie and Bill still love each other but there was already a thread of doubt in their marriage which became too big a chasm when their son died.  It does make you think about your own marriage and if it could survive such an event.

Noble writes beautifully and this book made me cry in a few places, it is superbly written and very poignant in places. For me, another winner by Elizabeth Noble.

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