Santa’s Hobbies – Dan Stosich

Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review.



I’m a little torn with this one.. the book is good, and as The Boy and I read it together on my ipad, he liked the pictures HOWEVER, does an ebook work for a child’s book? I’m not so sure. I’d much prefer a hard copy of a book to read with my son so that he can feel the pages and point etc… I worry about a young child reading screens.

That said, Santa’s Hobbies is a lovely little book. Stosich has created the illustrations himself, and they feature Santa in an array of different settings, bowling etc. I can imagine it would be a nice book to read in the run up to Christmas. As a ‘proper’ book this would work well, but, for me personally, a Kindle version doesn’t quite work, the age range is too young (in my opinion).


Stosich tells em that print copies are available here and that the 5,000th person to purchase ma y printed version will win an iPad 3…. so head on over now

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