A Family Affair – Mary Campisi


My Rating        4 /5

Format             Kindle



This was a free download from Amazon, downloaded on a whim whilst I was stocking up my Kindle.


The story follows the unravelling of a family following the death of the Father, Charles. Charles had a double life and his daughter, Chrissie begins to learn more about his second family, whilst unearthing some secrets from her own past and realising the importance of family and love ahead of the pursuit of money.


The story is slightly predictable in places, and the Uncle Harry character seemed to be a but OTT at times, but the moral presents itself nicely as the story progresses.


Campisi has a lovely, easy writing style (although I’m not too sure about the formatting of the Kindle version) and a quick look on amazon’s author page shows that Campisi has a number of books – many to be added to my ‘to buy’ list.


All in all, a nice easy read with a good clear moral to it – something that at this time of year in our consumerist world, we’d all do well to remember.

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Filed under 4 Star, Book Review

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