Blueblood (A Marty Singer Mystery)– Matthew Iden

My Rating        4 / 5

Format             Kindle


Regular readers of my blog and reviews will know that I have reviewed a couple of Matt Iden’s books before, under the KBR name (see here and here). When I saw that Matt had published the second of the Marty Singer novels I rushed straight to Amazon and downloaded the book….


It’s hard to read any book in a series without comparing it to what has gone before… I really enjoyed the first Marty Singer book, A Reason to Live, and was worried that I would be disappointed by the follow up.


Singer is still retired and fighting cancer (although this is much less of a feature than in the first book). He is brought back into the force to investigate a spate of murders – all cops and it’s Singer’s task to work out the links, and stop the murderer before they strike again. This book is shorter than A Reason to Live, and there is far less of the peripheral story in this one, by that I mean the story surrounding Singer, his relationships and his cancer battle.


I was glad that Iden tentatively explored Singer’s relationship with Amanda (read the first book to understand this relationship) but it did feel like it could have gone a little deeper. The beauty of the first book was that you gained an instant feel for Singer; you understand what makes him tick. I’m not sure this is as clear in Blueblood.


That said, Blueblood is a good, strong read. There are plenty of twists and turns and enough suspicious characters to keep you guessing until the end. You can come to your own judgements about some of the moral issues in the books (cops moonlighting etc) but Iden delivers the story well.


Iden has a strong future ahead of him in the Indie publishing world, and the follow up to Blueblood will be on my ‘to read list’ and Iden is sure to feature in my top 5 indie writers of 2012.


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