School Ties – Emma Lee-Potter

My Rating        3.5 / 5

Format             Kindle


I downloaded School Ties on a whim earlier this week as I was browsing the Kindle download charts on Amazon. It’s a short book (around 63 pages) and I thought it would help break up a much darker and grittier book that I am reading at the moment and bring some light relief – it’s not unusual for me to have three or four books on the go at anyone time.


School Ties isn’t bad. It’s reasonably well written, and, whilst ever so slightly predictable, it’s done well. The story follow the new Headteacher at Downthorpe Independent School who is getting to grips with his new job, whilst also staving off the advances of one teacher and slowly falling for another.


I’m not quite sure that this worked brilliantly as a short story; there was much much more that Lee-Potter could have explore with this story, and there’s probably a series of books that she could write about the adventures at Downthrope, but, it did the trick and was a nice pleasant, easy read.


I’ll look out for more of Emma Lee-Potter’s work, and hope that she expands this story into a full length novel in the future.



School Ties can be downloaded from Amazon here.

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