A Fatal Verdict – Tim Vicary

My Rating        4 / 5

Format             Kindle

This book was read for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review.

A Fatal Verdict is the second in the Sarah Newby Trial trilogy. My reviews for Book 1 and Book 3 can be here and here.

The book follows the story of a family whose daughter dies at her boyfriend’s flat. He alleges suicide, they murder. What is clear is that David Kidd is a nasty piece of work. The story follows the police investigation, the trial and the fall out from the trial judgement.

A series of mistakes are made throughout the police investigations, and the story uncovers these. The first book in the trilogy, A Game of Proof, is focussed very much on Sarah as the lawyer and her story in how she managed to bring herself from a very difficult background into her role at the Bar. The third book also focuses quite heavily on Sarah Newby as she finds herself entwined within a case. A Fatal Verdict is slightly different, for me Vicary puts much more emphasis on the investigation and the processes of the investigation, the guilt that can reside for Officers when they get things wrong, and how there can be far greater fall out and far reaching consequences for everyone.

Vicary does an excellent job of describing the court room battles without making it dull or boring; he brings the drama of the court room to life, all set against the back drop of the beautiful city of York; a place Vicary clearly knows well when his descriptive writing.

The story is a sad one; you never really feel like justice has been served, more that you see the fallibility of investigating authorities, and the moral dilemmas all involved. DCI Bateson feels much guilt for his part in what happens, but what about Sevendra Bhose…. For me his guilt is just as strong, but Vicary doesn’t take this part of the story back full circle, which was a little disappointing for me.

All in all, a very satisfying trilogy of books.


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