The Devil’s Star – Jo Nesbo

My rating          3.5 / 5

Format             Paperback

The Devil’s Star is the latest in the Harry Hole series that I am up to, having read all those translated to English up to this point.


I have to say I was left a little disappointed. The translation on this one wasn’t as good (I wonder if I was reading an early version?) and the story seemed to drag and veer with too many threads that were both completely unrealistic but also not finished in a satisfactory way.


I have loved the previous Nesbo books, and the character of Harry Hole is brilliant. He’s a master detective but also deeply flawed. There are many strands to his character that Nesbo explores wonderfully. However, Devil’s Star felt just a little bit lacking somewhere along the way. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was that was missing. Had it been my first introduction to Nesbo’s work, I don’t think I’d be rushing to read the next book.


However, that said I have the others books sat on the shelf, and I’ll read them…. Just perhaps not as quickly as I had anticipated.



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2 responses to “The Devil’s Star – Jo Nesbo

  1. Great review as ever Sarah. Big fan of Harry Hole . I love the fact you know who is nemesis is through the books and he doesnt. Currently on Redbreast as i have been reading them out of order.

    • I’ve read them in order (well, starting from book three as that’s the first one translated into English!).

      I’ve enjoyed the other ones far more than Devil’s Star – I think it might be the translation on this one that wasn’t so good; I can only think I had an early version of it.

      Got a couple of Indie books to read but hope to get onto the next Harry Hole soon.

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