Finishing Work

On Friday last week, I finished work until January 2014.  Scary. I’ve never not been studying or working full time; so it seems strange to not have a job to go to for the next few weeks. I have six weeks until the due date and the scary thing is that, NEXT MONTH, I will have a baby, and with it a whole new set of jobs.


We’re more or less sorted now; just need to get some bedding for the cot and moses basket and a couple of warm items of clothing. But it still doesn’t feel real. Maybe it will sink in as the date gets closer… but I can’t quite equate my ever expanding ‘bump’ to a baby.


The next few weeks will be taken up with reading and resting and I hope to get a few crafty items done too. There are some things I’d like to make ahead of the baby’s arrival, and I finally now have access to my sewing machine after the past few months of house renovations.


I’m planning to go swimming a couple of times a week to try and keep my fitness up as much as I can, and to give me body a bit of a respite from carrying the extra weight!


I have an appointment at the midwife tomorrow, and then, hopefully at the next one I’ll be given the go ahead for a home birth, assuming that the little makes their arrival around about on time!


I’ll also of course be reading and reviewing, and I have plenty of books to keep my Kindle stocked up.

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