Letters I wish I had sent – Preston Randall

My Rating        2.5 / 5

Format Kindle


This book is a short collection of letters to various companies and organisations which point out some of the stupid things they put in their ads, or to highlight humorous things to them – it’s a take on the original ‘Timewasters Letters’.


Firstly, let me say that some of the companies re Canadian, and so their particular adverts etc are unknown to me, however many of the companies are internet based ones which will be familiar to many readers in some guise or another.


I was left disappointed with this book. Firsly, the book is called Letters I wish I had sent, yet Randall introduces the collection by saying he never intended to send them! Some of the letters make him come across as rude and unlikeable (I’m thinking of those relating to family occasions or the get together at a friend’s house).


Others felt like they were trying too hard to find the funny side… eg: the trip to a jewellery store and the feedback following an IT class he had given.


That said there are a couple of gems, ie: the one about Norway and another about chocolate cheerios.


Some readers will love this collection, others may find it frustrating and find Randall himself unlikeable (in terms of how he portrays himself in the letters). For me, I’ll stick to the original timewasters letters.


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