The dawn of realisation…

Today marked a bit of a watershed for me… I was given my first maternity leave gift. It was unexpected and very sweet and was a gift to me from two home-based colleagues that I’ve worked with over the past few years. I’m finding it all a bit surreal. Tomorrow is my final day in work this week, then I have just two weeks left before I finish work for 16 months. I never thought I’d be looking forward to such a long break from work, but I am.


I’m hoping I am allowed to leave quietly… I really don’t want, nor deserve the fuss. When I got married four years ago I managed to escape a big good luck presentation despite the fact that, at the time, by hubby to be and I worked for the same organisation! And when I left my last job after eight years I snuck out without a presentation. I’m not sure I’ll get away with it quite as quietly this time as one of my lovely colleagues has arranged afternoon tea on the 24th with a small select group. It will be nice to say goodbye to colleagues as I am sure that in the time I am away there will be many familiar faces that move on to other jobs and roles.


Finishing work means that it’s all becoming more and more real that, in the not too distant future I will have a baby. I’ve started the ante-natal classes and after the first one was quite relaxed about things, but the second one last night was horrific. It was called ‘when nature needs a helping hand’ and it freaked me out. I’m hoping to have a home birth so the prospect of having such awful sounding interventions really upset me. I’m not getting my hopes up on the home birth, I’m realistic that things might be taken out of my control, but that’s the plan…. We will see. Helpfully another lady on the ante-natal class quite literally laughed at me and my personal birth choices last night. Didn’t help me feel that good about things!


So, with the count down well and truly on, I’ve been thinking of ways I can fill my time whilst I’m off work before the baby is due. I’ve got lots of craft and stitching projects I want to have a go at, including finishing the bunting for the nursery and making a quilt and some art work for the nursery. I’ve also got plans to make some christmas stuff too. We also still have a few bits and pieces to get for the baby, which I’ll sort out in due course. I’m hoping that the six weeks I have before the due date allow me plenty of time to rest, relax and get time to read some of the books that have been recommended to me over the past few months… that and learn how to put together the various elements of the pram we have, learn how to use the steriliser and practice with my moby wrap!


I’m sure that the baby will be here before I know it… and with it a completely new life. I can’t wait.


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