A day out at the Baby Show!

So, yesterday Damian and I headed over to Event City, near the Trafford Centre to attend the Baby Show 2012. I have to say I tend to stay away from such events, thinking they’re a bit gimmicky and that I’ll get ‘sold to’ the whole time and pushed into buying something I don’t really need.

However, the main purpose of going was to check out the Tots Bots nappies – given that the initial outlay is around £300, we thought it was worth the ticket price to have a look at what we were thinking of buying.

Well, the show was brilliant. As we were one of the first 150 in, we got a voucher for a free Tommee Tippee gift – we got this:

Our freebie from the show

We then had a wander over to the tots bots stand and met the lovely Helen, a mum who was there to speak honestly about tots bots and to provide advice to newbies like us! Now, we’d already done a fair bit of research but Helen was superb and really helped us to understand the reality of using reusable nappies. With her advice plus that of others including the Nappy Ladyand the good people of twitter including the wonderful @tryingtobeamum we made our choice and got a brilliant discount on our purchase.

We then headed off to have a look around and bought the Medela Pump (again another fantastic saving), the SnuggleBundl and a thermometer which was pretty neat too.

There were tons of other brilliant stands, and we loved this one – we’re definitely going to order one of these once Baby Doyle makes his/her arrival in ten weeks or so.

We really enjoyed the Baby Show and would recommend to any mums and dads looking for some brilliant bargains – be warned though you will spend a fortune as there are some stunning things available – the hard thing is knowing when to stop getting the debit cards out!!

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