A Reason to Live (A Marty Singer Mystery) by Matthew Iden

My Rating                    5 / 5

Format                         Kindle


Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review


A Reason to Live is the brilliant debut novel by Matthew Iden. It follows retired DC cop Marty Singer as he battles his cancer diagnoses and a past case that has haunted him throughout his career.


The story combines corrupt police, old friendships and good old detective work and begins when Singer is approached by the daughter of a woman murdered some 12 years earlier.


I’ll admit that I found the first couple of chapters a little slow going, but this story soon kicked into gear and I found myself riveted and I tried to work out the connections and who was after Amanda.


The detective work is interspersed with other information too, including a short romance, the wonderful cat Pierre and Singer’s cancer treatments, all bringing a human element to the detective character. All too often Detectives in such novels can seem one dimensional with no life other than that derived from their casework. Iden does a fantastic job of bringing warmth to his main character, and you really are supporting him as he unravels the case.


The book ends well, tieing up all loose ends and providing a clear explanation for what happened 12 years earlier, what happened in the intervening period and how it lead to the present day; I genuinely felt satisfied by the ending, again in these types of novels it is easy to feel short changed. Iden doesn’t rush his story and doesn’t leave any details to the imagination.


A solid 5 /5 from me, and I look forward to reading more about Marty Singer in the future.


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