Bad Moon Rising – Frances di Plino

Read                7 – 8 August 2012

My Rating        4 / 5

Format             Kindle


Bad Moon Rising is a crime thriller and a good, solid read. It follows Police Officer Paolo Storey as he unravels the murders of a number of prostitutes.


The story was very much in the vein of Mo Hayder in some places, and I’m sure I wont be the only person to read this who is put in mind of the Da Vinci Code. It feels like Di Plino has borrowed some ideas from different books and brought them together successfully.


The story is clever enough in that it quickly creates a number of suspects for the murders; be it the resident bad guy who ‘controls’ the red light districts, the Priest who has something to hide, the wife beating pub landlord or Storey’s own side kick copper. Some suspects are more successful that others, but I had worked out who the killer was early on, just the twist in how he evaded capture was a different and unique idea.


Bad Moon Rising is an easy read, which is no mean feat for a thriller of this nature. Some parts of the story felt superficial in places (for example the suspect who ends up in intensive care) and some plot lines and twists could have been better developed. But, all in all, a successful book by Di Plino and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

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