The weight of expectation…

2012 should have been a good year. We finally had our house, we had plans and early on we found out that, by the end of the year, there’d be a new little addition to the family when Baby Doyle arrives in November.


However, the year has been tainted with illness, death, injuries and accidents. Today we learnt that my sister-in-laws boyfriend (A) has a blood clot on his brain, following on from an incident some months ago in which his older brother sustained serious and life threatening head injuries. Thankfully he made a full recovery, and we wait anxiously to hear the outcome of the surgery on A.


We’ve had three bouts of cancer within the (close) family. Sadly one suffered passed away, but was mercifully a reasonably short period of suffering, another was caught early, and thankfully all sorted quickly, and another was followed by post-operative infections and complications, but appears to be on the road to recovery.


We’ve had my husband’s auntie suffer illness (and as she lives north of the border we’re even more stretched as it requires my husband’s father to head up there). We’ve had bike accidents, trips and falls and sustained stays in hospital. Friends have suffered brain haemorrhages and, more recently, tragic tragic losses.


2012 should have been a great year. Lots of ‘big’ birthday celebrations with a 70th, two 80th, lots of 30ths, an 18th, a 65th and, of course, the impending arrival of baby Doyle.


Just hope that all ends well come November…

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