Summer with my Sister – Lucy Diamond

My rating          3.5 / 5

Format             Paperback


Summer with my Sister is the first of Lucy’s Diamond’s books that I have read. I wanted a quick, easy read and it didn’t disappoint.


The story focuses on Polly, an unlikeable character who finds herself at the top of her game working in ‘The City’ making unspeakable amounts of money. Inevitably she loses her job, and with it her swanky London flat, designer clothes and entire lifestyle. Humiliatingly (or so she thinks) she has to move back to the sleep village of Elderchurch to stay with her parents and newly divorced mum of two sister.


The story is predictable, but then I knew from reading the blurb that this story was only going one way. It’s reasonably well written and the characters are diverse enough to appeal to most readers. I liked the home made toiletries recipes at the back of the book – that was a really nice touch by Diamond and I’d love to try them myself at some point.


Summer with my Sister is an easy read to pass a few hours on the beach, by the pool or on a Sunday afternoon. Diamond introduces her characters well and, despite it’s predictability, is a nice guilty pleasure.

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