The Patchwork Marriage – Jane Green

My Rating   – 3.5/5

Format – Paperback


I picked this book up whilst shopping in Sainsburys, it was on offer at just £2.99 and I fancied a read of something ‘trashy’ that didn’t require too much deep thought and commitment from me.


It’s the first book I’ve read by Jane Green, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t as sickly sweet as some ‘chick-lit’ type books can be, and it dealt with some interesting issues well. The story follows Andi, who marries her husband, Ethan, and takes on his two children, Emily and Sophia. Sophia is a dream, Emily is not. The story looks at how Andi seeks to be the mother she wants to be, and the mother the children need her to be. It looks at some complex issues, such as alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, and perhaps, most interestingly, the role of Ethan as he constantly feel he is stuck between his wife and his daughter.


This would probably be a good book for a book club to look at, to try to dissect why Emily behaves as she does; it is so at odds with how her sister, Sophia, acts. What are the effects of her own mother’s drinking and is this the cause of Emily’s extreme behaviours?


All in all a pleasant surprise, and I’ll look out for some more of Jane Green’s books.

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