Some changes are afoot

I’m thinking of making some changes to this blog, over the coming weeks and months.

As regular readers will be aware, I’m expecting my first baby in the not too distant future, and it got me thinking about how I want this blog to represent the different parts of my life. We have a lot of ‘stuff’ going on, including my impending departure from work – something I didn’t ever think I’d look forward to as much as I am – the renovation of our home, in preparation for the new addition. I’m also trying to teach myself some new crafts, such as quilting and crochet (the crochet is going rather badly!) and I wanted somewhere to log my thoughts etc as I take on my new, and perhaps most important role, of ‘mum’

I’m thinking of changing the title of the blog to something more all-encompassing – any ideas for a new title please do post below in the comments section.

I will still of course be reading and reviewing via the new re-vamped kindle&kittens, and will be letting you know what Baby Doyle makes of his/her books šŸ™‚

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One response to “Some changes are afoot

  1. Books, babies, and bollocks.
    Sezzer’s Stuff.
    Double, double Doyle and trouble.
    Mumming it, just a little bit.
    Cauldron of cacophony.
    Church of Scientology.
    Bits of Sarah.

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