The Sense of an Ending – Julian Barnes

My Rating     3 / 5

Format           Paperback


I bought this book, The Sense of an Ending, as it caught my eye on day as I was wandering past WHSmith, and it wa the book of the week with The Times, and so was being sold at a reduced price.


I expected something that would grab me, and instead I’ve finished and been left just a little bit ambivalent to it.


The story is narrated by Tony Webster, taking us through his life. He percieves himself as ‘Mr Average’ until his past confronts him. As the story develops Tony learns about himself, he isn’t quite the nice guy he thought he was.


The book is an easy read, and I guess it might give some people cause for thought and reflection, but not me. I found it all a little bit unbelievable, and ultimately not entirely engaging.


Keen followers of my blog will note that I have read the paperback version of this book, whereas I usually read in ebook format on my Kindle. However, the presentation of this book is simply beautiful – the black edging and the matt finish to the cover sets this book apart on my bookcase. A reason why, for me, the humble paperback will always have a place in my heart, and my home.



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