The Viper Contract: A High Tech Aviation Thriller– Chris Broyhill

My Rating     3 / 5

Format           Kindle


I’m a little torn with this book. It should have been good, it read well and kept me reasonably engaged, but, well I just don’t know.


The book follows an ex Viper jet pilot who discovers a friend has been caught up in some ever so shady business. He is recruited by the CIA (before he is approached by this group) and manages to ‘save the day’.


The book reminded me very much of a Lee Child story; very American in style and very action packed. The problem I had with it was that, whilst Broyhill clearly writes and describes the jets from his own personal experience, I found it all just a little tedious. It was interesting, to begin with. But the intricate level of detail in terms of flight patterns, jet controls etc was just a little too much for me. An ex pilot or similar might enjoy it, but for the lay person wanting to read a general book it was all a little too much, and, ultimately was the thing that made me rate it as a 3 star book.


The writing is good, and clear, and the story flows well. There are some irritating typing errors in the book though that a good editor would have picked up, but overall the book was good.


I’ll be interested to see how the Colin Pearce series develops, and will check out future books by Broyhill.

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One response to “The Viper Contract: A High Tech Aviation Thriller– Chris Broyhill

  1. I had a similar problem with Tom Clancy’s books.

    The characters were a bit rubbish, yet he went into an absurd amount of detail when talking about guns.

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