I Hate Spiders – Bugly Fellows

Read            5 June 2012

My Rating 3 / 5

Format       Kindle

This book was reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review.

This book is aimed at the young adult market, so please bear in mind that I am probably not its target audience….

Essentially this is a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy book. Spider is an unlikely hero, taking on Good Old Dave, the resident baddie.

The book is unusual in terms of its written style, but I think this would probably appeal to a younger audience. It’s funny in parts, and the author appeals to a young audience, especially with his acronyms and names.

I Hate Spiders is part of ‘The Good Old Dave Years’ series, and I’ll be interested to see how the author develops this series… it wasn’t immediately obvious to me where he could take this forward in future years, but I’m sure he has some ideas.

The book is a nice gentle read, humorous in parts and will appeal most to a young (possibly male) audience. It left me a bit unsure overall. I don’t think it’s a YA book that will cross over to the adult market.

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