An Unproductive Woman – Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali

My rating          3 / 5

Format             Kindle

Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review

I’m a little torn with this book. It started well, and the story is engaging. I suspect for many Western readers, some of the concepts and ideas explored in the book are alien, by Muhammed-Ali does a great job of setting these in context, and you quickly accept it.

The story is essentially about the marriage of Asabe and Adam. Asabe is unable to give Adam a child, and Adam is harbouring a secret. Adam takes another wife who later dies, leaving a daughter who Asabe raises. The story progresses and Adam marries again, although this time Asabe doesn’t get along quite as well with the second new wife as she did the first.

Asabe is a likeable character, and many women will find her position difficult to relate to, but that said Muhammed-Ali does a good job, and she feel her anger and her sadness.

The reason I struggled with it was that, at times, it felt a bit like the story wasn’t progressing very far. There felt like a lot of description that didn’t really move the story along. There were times when I found it hard to pick up this book and really get into again.

That said, the book is a good and easy introduction into what is, for most Westerners, a completely unknown culture and I’m sure many readers will find this book an interesting and engaging read.

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