Spare Change – Bette Lee Crosby

Read                15  April 2012

My rating          3 / 5

Format             Kindle


Spare Change is set in Southern America, and follows the main character, a bit of a feminist who thinks she knows what she wants from life.

The book is a reasonable read, it ambles along nicely, but did feel slightly laboured towards the end.

The two main characters’ lives are nicely explained and described, and we see how the paths cross, ultimately to better each others’ lives. The narrative is interspersed with accounts from the characters, adding an interesting and different dimension to the story.

The main character wasn’t hugely likeable to start with, but I did develop an empathy with her, and she becomes more likeable as her path crosses with her ‘grandson’.

The final ending was touching and well done and was a nice, neat end to the book.

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