The Blues Man – Robin Webster

Read                6 – 8 March 2012

My rating          3 / 5

Format             Kindle

The Blues Man is a gritty urban crime book, following a reformed drug dealer who finds himself prime suspect for a murder he didn’t commit with not only the police, but the criminal underworld, out to get him.

There is a tangled web – a woman searching to uncover what happened to her sister, a series of drug dealers each seeking to hoodwink each other and expand their territories, corrupt cops and junkies.

Webster does a good job of brining to life the complex, and dirty, underhand world of drug dealing. The bad guys really are bad and have a nasty and ruthless streak, motivated by greed.

The unlikely love story of Tanya and Leon gives a lighter edge to an otherwise dark book based on the streets of inner city London.

I’d have liked more exploration of the blues there in this book, it seemed to bookend the book for me, rather than being an integral part of the story. Also, an otherwise engaging story was, at times, made frustrating by typing errors and poor grammar. Some mistakes were just careless, including the eightieth century house!. With the attention and eyes of a proof-reader this book, for me, would be far more polished and easily move from the 3 to 4 star rating.

That said I could see this book forming the basis of a series following the gangsters and drug pushers of London.

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