Something that I am often asked is ‘how do you read so many books’ and ‘surely this must be your job?’

Well, sadly, no, reading books is not my job (but if you see here I dream that it might one day be a source of income!).

I work full time as a Civil Servant in the UK and I am incredibly fortunate that my commute to work is very short – I live a short walk from the train station and my office is a short walk from the station in Manchester. The journey on the train is around just 20 minutes. I am an early riser, so I prefer to start and finish work early, which means I have more of the ‘day’ to do what I want (ie: read!).

The other big thing is that I watch very little TV. I would estimate I probably watch 2-3 hours a week. This is a conscious decision. Those that know me personally, will know I have, in the past six months, moved house. In-between selling our old house and moving into the new one, we stayed with my sister-in-law and niece for the summer. This meant that usual routines were messed up, and so the usual TV watching habits went out the window.

Since moving into the new house I’ve not felt the need to watch TV. Of course we watch the odd thing, but I get my news from papers online and I prefer my mind to be exercised more by books. Reading offers me a perfect escapism from the stresses and pressures of my job.

So, there is no myth and magic to the number of books I read – I’ve always read a lot and am very fortunate that, at the current time, I can devote time (in-between work, my sewing class, swimming and seeing friends & family) to reading.


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  1. I was impressed already with the number of books you read, Sarah. Now I am in awe. I read for enjoyment, too, and part of that includes reviewing books and providing critiques. But I am way, way behind your striking rate! There’s a bit more TV watching at this end, but not much. I’m afraid my downfall is social networking and book promotion. Speaking of which…!

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