28 Pages – Allen Mitchum

Read                4 – 6 March 2012

My rating          4 / 5

Format             Kindle

This book was reviewed for and on behalf of The Kindle Book Review

28 Pages is billed as a ‘political thriller’ and it certainly is. The book follows Heather Grahl, a young DC lawyer who is investigating the Saudi Ambassador who has been accused of abusing young girls. She takes a phone call telling her that her sister has been murdered, and the regular recurring theme is that ‘The Saudis’ keep appearing in her discussions.

The book takes the backdrop of the 28 redacted pages of the September 11th Commission Report and discusses the links to Saudi Arabia. There are many conspiracy theories out there and it would seem from reading Mitchum’s biography on Amazon that this book was borne out from Mitchum’s views of the events of September 11th, and theories surrounding the involvements of Saudi Arabia.

The story is fast paced and unrelenting, and holds together well. It kept me thoroughly engrossed throughout with credible bad guys and well plotted scenes. There weren’t any plot twists and turns that shocked or surprised me, but it did read like a novel from an accomplished author.

This book deals with controversial and sensitive topics, and at times I felt uncomfortable with the way that Islam and the Saudi’s were presented. It felt at times that the author had an agenda, and now that I have read the biography, I can see that Mitchum subscribes to some of the theories he presents in this book. There are references to Islamic groups that I found uncomfortable, and instead of the epilogue at the end (that to be honest I couldn’t see the link to) I’d have rather seen a chapter on the theories of the Saudi involvement in September 11th,  and a list of web address, books or articles where the reader could go to find out more information about Wahhabism or the NIPF.


That said, this is a fiction book and a good read at that. It will certainly keep any reader engrossed with it’s superb narrative.


To find out more about, visit Allen’s website or follow him on twitter @AllenMitchum.  Why not visit amazon.com or amazon.co.uk to buy 28 Pages; if you do read it please let me know what you think!



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