A Humbling Week

Yesterday I tweeted about the number of requests that I have received from authors to review their books… the stats are:

Since 15 January 2012

Requested 67

Read 30

Declined 4

To Read 33


I am truly humbled to have been asked to read so many wonderful books in such a short space of time. It’s going to be really tough for me to ‘close the doors’ to new requests in April. I will hopefully have cleared my queue by July time, and therefore be ready to take some more books.

What perhaps is the most humbling, is the response that I have had from authors. This post last week was lovely, and I have today received an email that said:

Sarah, I read your reviews. Not having read any of the authors, I can only go by having read many other reviews over the years, and by my intuition. You have an incredibly sharp and quick mind. Probably some sort of photographic memory. And, you can say an awful lot in a single sentence. Really impressive.


I can’t begin to tell you have flattering and humbling such an email is – it makes the effort all worthwhile. Other authors have said similar things and thanked me for being so supportive. Let me say that tweeting up your book is the least I can do – You entrusted your work to me, and you will have waited a good while for me to review it. It is genuinely a privilege.


When I first said I would review for the Kindle Book Review, my email response to Jeff was ‘I’m not a critic, I just love books’ and I was worried if I would be able to do justice to the books I was asked to read. It seems though that whatever it is I do, it works! In all the reviews I have made, I have only had two negative responses.


So, before I blush any more at the lovely emails I receive, let me raise a glass and say a great BIG THANK YOU to all you wonderful, amazing and talented authors who brighten up my mornings, lunchtimes and evenings with their fabulous books – there truly aren’t enough hours in my day to read all the wonderful books out there.



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3 responses to “A Humbling Week

  1. Keep up your good work, Sarah

  2. Sarah,

    For your time and efforts, regarding mine, and many other’s books, and the beautiful reviews you write, my simple acknowledgement of those efforts was the least I could do. It still boggles the mind how you get it all done, along with everything else in your life.

    My hats off to you,
    Donald Stilwell

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