My week in books – 26 February – 4 March

My queue has grown a lot again this week, but all good – I have some great looking books coming up that I can’t wait to get round to. Very surprisingly this week, the lovely Donald Stillwell, author of Obligation, posted this about me – it’s very nice to have such lovely feedback.

As ever, please do comment on my reviews and other blog posts – it really is great to hear feedback and I’d love to hear if you’ve bought a book based on my review, and if so, what you thought of it – I’m sure the authors would love to hear too and if you want me to review your book, please see this post I wrote earlier in the week

Without further adp, here is my week in books…


  1. Nowhere to go – Iain Rowan
  2. Snapback – Bob Harvey
  3. The Darkness – Eddy J. Free
  4. The Cut Up – James W. Lewis
  5. Stone Bleeding – Russell Mardell
  6. Hissmelina – James Robert Smith
  7. Pineville Heist – Lee Chambers

In Progress

  1. A Smudge of Gray – Jonathan Sturak

Book Review Requests

  1. 28 Pages – Allen Mitchum
  2. The Blues Man – Robin Webster
  3. GOTU- A Robin Marlette Novel – Mike McNeff
  4. Scuttlejack: A Damon Quinn Mystery – Bruce Obee
  5. A Game of Proof – Tim Vicary
  6. Red Cloud Pistachios – David Heslop
  7. Promise me Eternity – Ian Fox
  8. Hostile Witness – Rebecca Forster
  9. Before her eyes – Rebecca Forster
  10. Hodburn Wood – John Tyson-Capper
  11. Spare Change – Bette Lee Crosby
  12. The Watchtower – Darke Conteur
  13. An Unproductive Woman – Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
  14. The Laurel Harvest – Christopher Hall
  15. The Butterfly and the Bull – Stuart Haddon
  16. Changing the Little Things – JL Manning
  17. The Viper Contract – Chris Broyhill
  18. A Military Republic – Haythem Bastawy
  19. Shades of Grey – Michael Cargill
  20. I Hate Spiders – Bugly Fellows
  21. Art Pengriffin & The Curse of The Four – Norman Revill
  22. The Living Room – Bill Rolfe
  23. Pageburner – Jason Christie
  24. Dreams and Nightmares – Ann Werner
  25. Shots – Theodore Quester
  26. The Witch Hunter’s Amulet – Marco Lobo
  27. Don’t be a stranger – Robert Barash
  28. HC Turk – Resurrection Flowers

If you’d like me to review your book, please see here for more information. My reading queue is around nine- ten weeks at the moment. I generally review in the order I recieve requests, but will sometimes pull a short story or young adult book forward, to give me a break from the deeper and more complex novels. This helps ensure that I am able to give a fair review to all authors.


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5 responses to “My week in books – 26 February – 4 March

  1. Sarah,
    Your review of my book, Obligation, gave it both, exposure and credibility, not to mention some heartfelt gratitude from me. I can’t begin to explain how gratifying it is to read how the words I’ve put to paper have touched someone. You give authors hope and validation, and I wish you nothing but continued success in your future endeavors.

  2. That’s me! Number 19! Woo!

    I feel like an old lady holding her ticket at the deli counter in Tesco.

    A spot of stilton if you please.

    • Up to number 18 now as I’ve just finished one.

      It dhould take me about 4-5 weeks I reckon to get down to number 19….. hopefully you’ll move to 16 or 17 this week 🙂

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