Hissmelina – James Robert Smith

Read                29 February – 2 March 2012

My rating          3 / 5

Format             Kindle


This book was reviewed for and on behalf of The Kindle Book Review

Hissmelina is a supernatural horror book set in the small town of Elijah.  The town is dominated by a mountain range, owned by the Keener family; a family who many locals suspect are up to no good, and behind the disappearance of a number of people.


The book starts in shocking form, following a hunter who dies after crossing onto the Keener family mountains. There are a number of characters in this book, but it is the out of towners, Frances and Buck, who form the main characters. Buck, high school teacher and would-be head coach, feels drawn to the mountains; he has a recurring dream that features the mountains, but he can’t explain the draw. Frances is the out of town cop who doesn’t do things the ‘Elijah way’.


The book was interesting, and the descriptions of the creature, Hissmelina, and the Keener family including Hester (the matriarch of the family and the power holder) are great. I did however find this book a little difficult to stay engaged with; and there are some chapters that I skim read. It felt like I read an awful lot with very little happening at some stages. That said, I was intrigued to find out what Hissmelina was and how she was ‘controlled’ by Hester Keener and the family, and the ending where Hester was losing her powers was very creepy, especially with Wayne and her attack on Frances.


I know the Smith has written some shorter stories, and I’ll be sure to check them out at some point in the future.


To find out more about James Robert Smith, visit his site here or follow him on twitter @JRobertSmith .  Visit amazon.com or amazon.co.uk to buy Hissmelina; if you do read it, let me know what you think!

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