The Darkness – Eddy J. Free

Read                29 February 2012

My rating          4 / 5

Format             Kindle


This book was reviewed for and on behalf of The Kindle Book Review.

The Darkness is a short story, which probably took me about 20 – 30 minutes to read. It is told from the point of view of an American man, suffering from depression following the death of two close friends. He takes himself to London for a break, and here he meets a stranger who offers to show him the ‘real’ London; the London not usually found by tourists.

Free’s story telling and writing style is excellent, and it really sets the scene of a dark and sinister story. You could feel the man’s apprehension as he delved further into ‘The Darkness’ and the book, particularly the early half, is very atmospheric.


The book is billed as a sci-fi thriller, but I wouldn’t describe in that way, I’d describe it more as an atmospheric thriller. The story moves at a great pace and has a nice little message for us all at the end.


As stand alone short stories go, this is one of the best I’ve read, and I’ll be looking out for more of Eddy J. Free’s books and stories in the future.


To purchase this short story why not visit or You can also follow Eddy on twitter  @eddyjfree or visit his website for more info.


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4 responses to “The Darkness – Eddy J. Free

  1. fuonlyknew

    I just read this book also. I did a review and it seems we agree. Thanks for the review enjoyed it.

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