Nowhere to Go – Iain Rowan

Read               26 / 27 February 2012

My Rating       3.5 / 5

Format            Kindle

This book was reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review.

Nowhere to go is a collection of short stories, where the main character has ‘nowhere to go’. As is inevitable with any collection of stories, there were some that appealed to me more than others.

The stories are all easy reads, and Rowan does a great job of creating good and believable characters; something I think can be a struggle with short stories which, by their very nature, are never going to delve deep into a character.

My favourite stories were The Chain, Two Nights’ work and Chairman of the Bored. Chairman of the Bored was particularly disturbing and The Chain had a twist that I didn’t see coming.

There is absolutely something for everyone in this collection, and interestingly other reviewers have highlighted their favourites as ones that I enjoyed less, ‘Moths’ and ‘The Remains of My Estate’ being two examples. What I think this demonstrates is that each reader will take something different from this book, but whatever that thing is, it’s guaranteed to be enjoyable.

The stories all focus on different things, whether that be someone who finds themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, conmen playing on another man’s greed, the almost paranormal/fantasy driven ‘Moths’, tales of blackmailing in The Chain and One of Us.

Having read this book, and also Matt Iden’s One Bad Twelve, I’m really learning to love and appreciate the world of short stories and Nowhere to go is a superb addition to my collection.

To find about more Iain, why not visit his website, or follow him on twitter @littorally. You can but Nowhere to go on and



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