Dipping a toe….

I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks of my book reviewing journey, and feel incredibly honoured to have read some great books.

Reviewing for indie authors is an experience I couldn’t have imagined. When I was first approached to do this, I thought I’d have a couple of requests and that’d be it. So far since 15 January, I’ve read and reviewed 21 books, and have a further 23 on my to review list. I am simply stunned that so many wonderful authors are entrusting their work to me; I just hope I do justice in my reviews.

One of the things that I have learnt to appreciate is just how much work goes into the production and finish of a book – it’s not enough to throw some words down and hope for the best, it needs to be coherent and enjoyable for the reader.

I’ve read books where the editing has got in the way (and actually the book I’m reading at the moment is a little like that). Instead of the grammar and punctuation being an almost anonymous part of the book; clunky editing can get in the way of a brilliant read and at times can be incredibly distracting for the reader.

As this is something I regularly comment on, two authors who I have review for have, in the past week, suggested that I look into doing some copy editing or proof reading. It’s something I was thinking about anyway as a means of almost ‘safeguarding’ my future. The reality is that the job that I do at the moment means that I cannot be certain that it will exist in 18 months, let alone longer term. At the back of my mind I was thinking of ways I could combine my love of literature with some form of income. This seems like a good solution.

So… with that in mind, plus a nudge from two wonderful authors I’ve signed up for a copy editing and proof reading course. It’s a distance learning course, and the paperwork and course materials should be with me next week. It’s very much a case of dipping my toe into the world of editing at the moment, but we’ll see where things go from there.

What this does however mean is that it is likely that, over the coming months, I am reading fewer books as I work towards completing the studies. I do hope authors will be patient with me.

Thanks – and wish me luck!


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18 responses to “Dipping a toe….

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  2. Ha ha. Not sure why it never occurred to me to check your site. How wonderful. You must be hugely excited. I have loads of questions like how long the course is, who with etc. Would be interesting to hear about the journey as you go through the course.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it and in the future opening up my copy edited Word doco with amendments made by SB. 🙂

    Have fun Sarah.

    • I am very excited, John. It feels like a good step to be making.

      I’m hopeful the materials will arrive this week, and I will then be making a blog post etc and of course updating on progress as I go along!
      Thanks for all your support 🙂

  3. Haythem Bastawy

    I think it’s a great idea, Best of Luck Sarah 🙂

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  5. Tony

    this all sounds good Sarah – and a great idea to pursue an interest in a different way/diffeent level

    dad x

  6. Best of luck, Sarah! Editing is going to be a much in demand skill as more and more indie authors enter the market without any support from a large publishing house. You’re going to do great!


    P.s. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of course materials, but I always found the book DON’T MURDER YOUR MYSTERY by Chris Roerden a tremendous help with editing.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve no doubt you’ll do great at it. You have a keen eye and a true understanding of what the author is trying to do. I hope to be one of your first clients.



  8. Best of luck, Sarah. Good editors are so important; that extra, objective set of eyes and unbiased mind. I hope you enjoy the course and best wishes for stunning, entertaining, and satisfying reading/editing ahead.

  9. Hi Laura, thanks for commenting.
    All my reviews are requested by the authors, which makes it even more amazing, for me, that I’ve been trusted by so many, in such a short space of time!
    The course I am doing is a distance learning one; I’m heading to bed now, but I’ll dig out the link and send to you over the weekend. They essentially send you all you need and then you work at your own pace. I did my degree with the Open University, so it’s a method of study I am very comfortable with.
    Enjoy your reviewing 🙂

  10. fuonlyknew

    here is my email if you want to reply that way.

  11. fuonlyknew

    Really great post Sarah. I am still a little knew to reviewing but have about 14 books to review. Some by author request. I am also beta reader by request from one author. Would like to know more about how you signed up for your course. Is it a computer class?

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