My week in books – 12 – 19 February

It’s been an average reading week this week, but I did read the rather surprising Obligation by Donald Stilwell – a book that touched me and even brought tears – something I hadn’t expected when I first got the request through to review. I also came across another rare five star book – Silver Linings by Kate James.

I also made a blog post about ebooks and  my expectations – why not take a look and see some of the comments and perhaps even add you own.

Please do comment on my reviews – it’s great to hear feedback and I’d love to hear if you’ve bought a book based on my review, and if so, what you thought of it – I’m sure the authors would love to hear too.

So… my week in books this week has been:


  1. Silver Linings – Kate James
  2. Obligation – Donald Stillwell
  3. Only  the innocent – Rachel Abbott

In Progress

  1. Skater Boy – Mari Mancusi
  2. Reprisal – Alfie Robins (coming back to this one in a few weeks)
  3. Unfaithfully yours – Joanne Clancy (have to say I think I’ll be giving up on this one soon)
  4. Play dead – Harlan Coben

Book Review Requests

  1. Snapback – Bob Harvey
  2. Hope Road, Leeds – John Barlow
  3. Love in greener pastures – Amanda Bretz
  4. Cavalier’s Call – Grant De Graf
  5. Flying with Kites – Alan Reynolds
  6. Hissmelina – James Smith
  7. Pineville Heist – Lee Chambers
  8. A Smudge of Gray – Jonathan Sturak
  9. 28 Pages – Allen Mitchum
  10. The Blues Man – Robin Webster
  11. GOTU- A Robin Marlette Novel – Krista Basham
  12. Mental – Sherry Ashworth
  13. Scuttlejack: A Damon Quinn Mystery – Bruce Obee
  14. Stone Bleeding – Russell Mardell
  15. Tim Vicary – A Game of Proof
  16. Red Cloud Pistachios – David Heslop
  17. Promise me Eternity – Ian Fox
  18. Hostile Witness – Rebecca Forster
  19. Before her eyes – Rebecca Forster
  20. Nowhere to go – Iain Rowan

If you’d like me to review your book, please see here for more information. My reading queue is around six weeks at the moment.

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