Not one of Us – DA Spruzen

READ  8 – 11 February 2012

MY RATING  3.5 / 5

FORMAT        Kindle


This book was read for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review


Not one of Us by Spruzen is described as a ‘psychological suspense’ and the first of a trilogy of books (the Flower Ladies Trilogy).  Whilst the book is great, and does it’s job well, I think if you’re looking for a real ‘psychological suspense’ you might be left a little disappointed. It isn’t, for me personally, a classic ‘suspense’ filled book. But it’s still great and well worth the read.

The book follows the ‘Salton Slaves’ the members of a middle class group in sleepy Salton. There is a killer in their midst and the book follows each of the Salton Slaves and unpicks their lives, their desires and their inner being. Spruzen does an excellent job of creating some brilliant characters, each one complex and a reflection of modern life.

Interspersed throughout the book are pages from the murderers journal, where she outlines what has made her the way she is, and what has driven her to kill. This part of the book was my favourite, and was really good in getting deeper into the character. I’m sure the next in the trilogy will follow Pansy and perhaps Daisy in the next chapter of their lives.

Other reviewers have said that they were never quite sure who the murderer was, and I agree. I thought I had it sorted quite early on, but there were times throughout the book where I began to question myself before ultimately realising I’d been correct in the first place!

The story twists and turns and leaves the ladies of Salton in a very different place; be that through relationships ending or beginning, to deaths to a realisation that there is more to life than ‘keeping up appearances’.


The book is a strong debut from Spruzen and is well edited and formatted, which whilst it may seem a trivial thing to comment on, is of the utmost importance for  reader!  The next book in the Flower Ladies Trilogy will certainly be on my ever increasing ‘to read list’.



To buy this book from please see here or to buy from see here. Why not follow the author on twitter @DASpruzen or visit her website here.


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