Chasing Innocence – John Potter

READ     30 January – 1 February 2012

MY RATING     5 / 5

FORMAT     Kindle

This book was reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review

This book is a stunning debut by John Potter. It is one of the few books that has left me desperate to know what happens to the character and one that has made me think how I would react in such a situation.

The story features a host of fabulous and well developed characters and the pace is electric. There are a couple of sub-plots developing alongside the main kidnap story, and a lesson in human survival. The character of Sarah is incredibly well developed, and there were stages in the book where I had to read on as I couldn’t leave the book until the next day to see how a situation developed… leading to some late nights reading!

Ultimately, for me, this book is about our need and desire to protect children. The book deals with the horrors of paedophilia in a gentle way, hinting only at the horrors without ever needing to explicitly describe it. Potter is excellent at letting the reader’s mind fill in the gaps, and Sarah’s sacrifice to protect the child genuinely haunted me… I wonder if I could do the same, in a similar situation.

The book is excellently produced, and taking a look at the front cover shows just how much effort Potter has put into making this book as professional as possible. There are some indie books that I have read where the ‘packaging’ of the book is almost an after thought. The other noticeable thing with Chasing Innocence the editing; this book has clearly had a professional eye cast over it. Again I cannot stress enough just how important good editing is to the reading experience. All too often I have read books that contradict themselves or have glaring typing errors in or poorly constructed sentences. When this happens it’s distracting and interrupts the flow of the book. What Potter has done is ensured that the reader is gripped by this book. The writing style switches effortlessly as we hear Sarah talking to Andrea or as we enter Andrea’s world and engages the reader from the beginning.

The twists and turns expected from any crime/thriller are in abundance in this book, and the violence that you’d expect is there too; often making the reader wince thinking of the pain the character must be in! – I’m thinking at this point about the warehouse scene with Andrea’s father….

The manner in which Potter ties up the story at the end if also a great technique, and the epilogue leaves enough for the reader to develop their own future ending.

All in all is a stunning debut novel from John Potter and I can’t wait to read future books.


So, waht are you waiting for? Visits here to buy Chasing Innocence in the US or here for the UK. You can read more about John Potter hereand why not follow him on twitter @johnpottercc



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10 responses to “Chasing Innocence – John Potter

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  6. Hello Sarah, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read an unknown authors book and write a review about it. I’m obviously giddy at the thought you liked it so much. Huge thanks.

    • Hi John,
      thank you for asking me to read you book! I feel very privileged to be asked to read and review books – I’m really enjoying my foray into the world of indie publishing (see my post titled ‘why I love my Kindle’).

      The next batch of crime/thriller books I read have got a lot to live up too now!

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  8. What a wonderful review! A reviewer with an eye for editorial quality is a rare thing.

    • Thank you very much. I have read a lot of independently published e-books over the past six weeks since I got my Kindle and the quality of the editing was really noticable on this book and it really does make a difference to the reader experience. Hopefully within the next week I am going to be posting a guide to the things that I think make a difference with books…

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