Before Time Runs Out – John McCarty

READ              26 – 28 January 2012

RATING          3 / 5

FORMAT        Kindle

Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book Review

So, the synopsis for McCarty’s debut novel is:

‘When Jeffrey Calare arrives home one night to find his wife murdered, and the only suspect in the case is him, he goes to any lengths necessary to prove his innocence and find his wife’s real killer.’

and this book has a really interesting and thought provoking start; basically setting out how the mind can play tricks on people. A thought that the reader keeps in their mind throughout the book as we follow Calare and Detective Futcher as they try to determine who killed Melissa Calare. Is it Jeffery’s mind that has played tricks on him or is he the real killer?

Other reviewers have said that McCartys writing style can feel clumsy; I’m not sure I agree with that. The book takes place over two days, from the point that Calare calls the Police to the moment they determine who the killer is. The book is quite ‘cold’, and by that I mean it’s very matter of fact and you don’t build up an empathy with the characters, but I think that is deliberate. As a reader you too are trying to piece together the evidence to determine who the killer is, is it Calare or someone else? McCarty does a good job at keeping the reader guessing right until the end and you almost play the detective role.

 The writing style is unusual, and I think as McCarty writes future novels he’ll develop and refine his style somewhat. I personally enjoyed the writing style and found it easy to read and become absorbed in.

I could easily see this book being developed into a film; and the final chapters in particular would be perfect in a film too.

There are some editing errors in this book that McCarty may wish to correct, but these are minor and are mostly typing errors or where sentences have been re-worded. They don’t detract from the overall book, but can be a little frustrating at times. BUT, if you’re looking for a good solid mystery that will make you think, then you won’t go far wrong with Before Time Runs Out.



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