Why I love my Kindle

So, one month in to being a proud kindle owner, and I’m loving it.

I’ll be honest, I was really cynical about the whole ebook thing, and thought that downloading an ebook would never be as exciting as popping into Waterstones on Deansgate and perusing the books.


I was wrong.


The Kindle has opened me up to a whole new world – a world I am loving! When I got my Kindle, I downloaded the Kindle Daily Deal (Dogs of Rome by Conor Fitzgerald) and was finished in no time. I started scouring the top 100 in various categories and downloaded a range of books; books that would never usually entice me in a traditional book store.


For example, I downloaded Reunion by Jeff Bennington… and this is where my Kindle tale really begins.


Reunion is a really interesting book and one that I’d never had picked up in Waterstones, but it spiked my interest for the Kindle and so I downloaded it. What I loved is that Jeff is active on twitter and I was able to engage with Jeff as I read the book and able to pass on my review and feedback.


Jeff invited me to be a member of the Kindle Book Review (KBR) team. The KBR is fantastic, and I’ve ‘met’ some brilliant people, and it’s only been a week!


I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to read some great books and I have another three or four in my review list. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new world of independent authors and to a new type of book.


I had never realised just how heavily edited books from the big publishing houses are and just how formulaic they are. What is brilliant when reading an independent book is that the author is writing their story to satisfy them; not to satisfy the editors at publishing houses.


So, thank you to my fellow KBR team members, but more importantly, thank you to those amazing authors who have allowed me to read their fantastic work – I really appreciate it and look forward to reading more!

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