The Field – Bill Nagelkerke

READ     20 – 21 January 2012

My Rating     3.5 / 5

Format     Kindle

Reviewed on behalf of the Kindle Book Review Team

If you’re looking for a quick and easy read, then this is the book for you.  It follows Jacinta Grogan who claims to have seen an apparition of Mary, Our Lady. The books follows the ensuing publicity as the story progresses to the 23 July, a date set by Mary as the next time she would appear to Jacinta.

This book left me a bit confused; it’s well written (aside from the odd typo / spelling errors which can be edited out of future versions) but I’m not sure what I really made of it.

I don’t think the book went to any real depths, but then again did it need to? I’m not sure.  I did like the way the book was split up into section, and section two being quite interesting in terms of looking at press cuttings etc.  There’s probably a more in-depth story in here somewhere that Nagelkerke could pursue.

I think in all, this book left me wanting more; but with a slightly disappointed feeling that this ‘more’ wasn’t explored in the book.

That said, it’s a quick and easy read that I got through in about 40 minutes.

To read more about ‘The Field’ why not visit the publishers site here

To buy the field visit here for the UK and here for the US



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