The Dress – Sophie Nicholls

READ     12 – 14th January 2012

MY RATING     5 / 5

FORMAT     Kindle

Well, this book was simply beautiful, I loved everything about it. Nicholls’ writing style was wonderfully clear and easy to read, the story was compelling and the future for the characters of Fabbia and Ella looks bright – there seems to be so much more to explore with them.

The story is set in York, and the character of Fabbia is a dress maker. The way that Nicholls writes about and describes the dresses and garments is beautiful. This really hit a chord with me, as in the past year I’ve begun to learn about dress making and the such, and the descriptions were, for me, really vivid and clear and I felt completely drawn into Fabbia and Ella’s world.

The book gently deals with the issue of racism and growing up (through Ella) and introduces some really quite unlikable characters. I was also really intrigued about ‘the signals’ and I’m sure there is more to explore with this in future works.

I’m really excited to read that there will be more books about these two characters, and I can’t wait to read them; they’ll be added to the ever increasing ‘to read’ list.

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One response to “The Dress – Sophie Nicholls

  1. Reading this right now and loving it so far!

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