The Umbrella, the Dog, and the Mobile Phone – David Derbyshire

READ     11 – 12 January 2012 (41% completed)



Well, where on earth do I start with this one? I have to say this is not a review I’ve been looking forward to – its rare that I don’t finish a book, and even rarer that I can’t find any redeeming characteristics.


The blurb for this books states:

A novel – situation – comedy; though there are deeper feelings touched on. A young bachelor living alone, with busybody neighbours, a sister elsewhere, and possibly a girlfriend. Umbrella, dog, mobile phone – all feature.


Well, frankly there is little comedy. It is the most bizarre book I have ever picked up to read, and I just didn’t get it in the slightest. It read in the most part like a TV script (hence the sit-com reference  I suppose) and it just flicked from odd relationship to odd relationship, and even weirder ramblings. The writing style was weak, the storyline non-existent and the comedy element zero.


Sorry, just not my cup of tea. Perhaps if I’d got past 41% there’d have been something that made sense, but, to be honest there are enough other books I can be spending my time reading!


Sorry Mr. Derbyshire – not one for me – and sadly my first unfinished book of 2012.


A big thumbs down on this one for me



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