Like Bees to Honey – Caroline Smailes

READ     31 Dec – 2 Jan 2012

MY RATING     3 / 5

FORMAT     Kindle

I downloaded ‘Like Bees to Honey’ on a recommendation from a twitter friend. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as this isn’t my usual style of book.

I’ll admit I found the first 30% really hard going; the writing style is unusual and I think it was that that made it a little difficult for me. That said I felt the book really came to life when Tilly’s voice came through, I found that part the most touching and thought provoking.

The idea and concept are interesting, and outside of the normal type of book I’d usually read. That said, its entertaining and held my attention. I can image though that some would find this a tricky read as it is a little quirky and some might find the subject matter a little tought. It was, however s well worth the 49p download cost as it’s a very thought provoking and somewhat quirky read. I’ve downloaded another Smailes’ books and look forward to starting on that one soon.

Having had a ‘twitter’ conversation with the author, I think this might be a book that is best read in paper format; simply because the author explained that in the paper format when the ghosts are talking, the edge of the pages are black; something that isn’t replicated in the Kindle version. What does come through however, is the depth of knowledge that Smailes has in regard to Malta. Having visited Malta myself, I recognised the places and churches referred to, and she does an excellent job of invoking a real imagery around these places.

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