Reunion – Jeff Bennington

Read     5 – 10 January 2012

My Rating     4 / 5

FORMAT      Kindle

I downloaded this book one afternoon when browsing the top free books on Amazon. I hadn’t heard of the author, but the reviews were positive and the concept interested me. The story focuses on the survivors of a high school shooting who reunite 20 years after the event.

The first part of the book, that focuses on the shooting itself is really well written, you feel fear for those students, but also, surprisingly a little empathy for the killer – this grows as we learn more about his childhood later on in the book.

The concept itself is interesting, and perhaps controversial (especially for an American audience). I didn’t quite ‘buy’ the idea of where the reunion was held (I won’t say where as don’t want to spoil the story) and the supernatural element, initially was a bit far fetched for me.  But I did get a real feel for the relationships the students formed, and the after effects on their lives were believable and thought provoking. The slight twist in the story was good, and I hadn’t anticipated it at all.

All in all, despite perhaps being a little on the long side for me (and I recognise this is just preference!) this book was a good read, eerie in places, thought provoking and a really interesting concept. I’ve downloaded another of Bennington’s books and will be reading soon, – once I’ve got through the next lot of Christmas purchases!

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