Between a Mother and Her Child – Elizabeth Noble

I’m a fan of Elizabeth Noble’s work, and have read a couple of her books before. Her writing style may not be to everybody’s taste, but for me, the story she writes about ticks along nicely and you find yourself wrapped up in the characters.

This story follows a family who have split following the death of their eldest son. Each family member has dealt with their grief in their own way (or not dealt with it) and each is moving on in their own way.

Bill & Maggie, the parents have split following the death and different manner in which they dealt with their grief. Ally, their daughter is confused and troubled and the youngest son almost became a project to sort for Maggie.

This book is a good lesson in how events can change people. Maggie and Bill still love each other but there was already a thread of doubt in their marriage which became too big a chasm when their son died.  It does make you think about your own marriage and if it could survive such an event.

Noble writes beautifully and this book made me cry in a few places, it is superbly written and very poignant in places. For me, another winner by Elizabeth Noble.

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Rabbit and Elephant’s Tug of War (African Folk Tales for Children) – Karen Perkins & Peter Mutanda

Reviewed for and on behalf of the Kindle Book review


I read this book on the Kindle for ipad app, and so I cannot comment on how this appears on older (black and white) kindle models.


The story itself reminded me of the books I read as a child that had a strong moral to them. This is a nice story to read with your child and prompt further discussion about the themes it explores.


It is reasonably well written but I was really disapointed with the overall finish of the book. The images looked like generic clip art images, rather than an illustration created for the book, and there were some graphics that I just didn’t understand how they fit. I think that had the publishers spent a little more time on polishing the final product they would have a much stronger book.


My experience is that many children are drawn to books by their artwork and I, sadly, can’t see this book engaging children on that level. Books aimed at children of this age work much better if they are bright and colourful and allow the children to recognise where the story if up to from the illustrations. I’m afraid that for me, the generic rabbit and elephant images just don’t do it for me.


A potential gem let down by a lacklustre finish.

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Two e-Book reviews – David Chuka


Both of these books have been read and reviwed on behalf the Kindle Book Review. I recieved a free copy of these books in return for a fair and honest review

Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs

This is a lovely ebook that uses rhymes to guide your child from 1-10.

Some of the rhymes are slightly tenuous but, it’s a nice little ebook that is well illustrated. I read this on Kindle for Ipad so the colour images displayed well. I’m not sure how well it work on the older Kindle models.

The book is short and colourful and the images used to help the narrator share their Easter eggs will also allow for some other discussions too as your child learns more about the world (ie what colour is that number, counting the eggs etc).

A nice book to add to the collection for a little learning to count.

Billy and the Monster who liked to fart

I struggled with this book if I am honest. I wanted to like it, and I wanted to really see the appeal but there is something missing for me.

The story follow Billy who makes up his friend ‘Monster’ and blames monster for ‘farting’ when it is, in actual fact Billy.

I would like to have seen more be made about Billy having an imaginary friend (something that I suspect many young children do) and maybe some moral about how you shouldn’t blame your behaviou on others.

That said, I guess you could follow up this kind of thing with your child anyway after reading the book.

The book is colourful and the illustrations are nice too. I read this on the kindle for ipad app, so I am not sure how it would work on the older (black and white) kindle models, but then I guess a young child probably wouldn’t find the older kindle models as engaging?

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